Air Separation Plant

BDM Cryofusion & Mandressi Italia, an esteemed engineering company, is designing, developing and supplying air separation plant that perform as per the plants of international standard. The plant produces oxygen as well as nitrogen in the both form gas as well as liquid from air through the process of compression, cooling, liquefaction and distillation of air. In an effort to achieve excellence, our company integrates each raw material and component only after checking carefully.

Our air separation unit come up with different capacities that range from 50 m3/hour to 5000 m3/hour, and start performing at a process of 6 to 8 bar using air compressor from Atlas Copco. The air compressor is worldwide popular for having a number of features such as automating functioning, energy efficient and many more.The installation cost of the cryogenic air separation plant with safe, cost-effective and reliable long-term. The cryogenic air separation plant produces both oxygen as well as nitrogen with high purity, which is upto 99.7% and 99.99% respectively. Customers can acquire both gas as well as liquid, it depends upon them.

Key features of our air separation plants include:

  • Fast, easy and safe to operate
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Equipped with the latest technology
  • Practically zero maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • No special civil foundation
  • Unique stainless steel column

Our organization offers standardized packaged air separation units with Argon for typical process industries and gas supply chain distribution requirements. The units employ the advanced Centrifugal Air compressors and are designed as per the Low pressure Cryofusion & Mandressi process resulting in optimum yield, pure output and enhanced performance. To know more about our plants and get their quotation, please either write or call to us.

Technical Specifications
BDM 5050 m3/hr20099.7%99.99%
BDM 8080 m3/hr32099.7%99.99%
BDM 100100 m3/hr40099.7%99.99%
BDM 130130 m3/hr50099.7%99.99%
BDM 150150 m3/hr60099.7%99.99%
BDM 170170 m3/hr68099.7%99.99%
BDM 200200 m3/hr80099.7%99.99%
BDM 250250 m3/hr100099.7%99.99%
BDM 300300 m3/hr120099.7%99.99%
BDM 400400 m3/hr160099.7%99.99%
BDM 500500 m3/hr200099.7%99.99%
BDM 600600 m3/hr240099.7%99.99%

Note : Larger Size Plants also available up to 2000 m3/hr Capacity.